Episode 2 – The Dog and Deuce Show

August 19, 2010

I’m not very prompt, I know. A whole six days have past since we recorded Episode 2 and I’m only now posting it. I had to clean up the audio on the Gerald Narciso interview and that was a far bigger job than I anticipated. The sound is better than it was originally, but it is still not great. The interview, however, is very insightful and well worth putting up with sub-par audio quality.

I made a mistake when spelling out Gerald’s website address, the correct url is www.GeraldNarciso.com


Show Notes:

This week Dog had an oppotunity to talk hoops with Gerald Narciso.  You’ve seen his articles in ESPN The Magazine, Dime Magazine, The New York Times,  HoopsHype.com, UtahJazz.com, and many others.  Gerald provided great insight into NBA free agency, the draft and some under-the-radar players to keep an eye on.

Gerald’s website: http://www.geraldnarciso.com

Jeremy Lin feature: http://www.geraldnarciso.com/lin.php

Click here for Gerald’s feature on Al Jefferson

Topics discussed this week:

  • Dog’s “heart-felt” apology
  • Brett Favre’s annual pre-season dramatics.  Is he going to retire?
  • College football preview
    • The Utes’ offense is rolling, what’s wrong with the defense?
    • The Cougars’ quarterback battle continues
    • Future of the Holy War
    • Our predictions for the Mountain West Conference
  • NBA – free agency grades
  • Is Shaq an underachiever?
  • A-Rod hits a milestone – is anyone even paying attention?
  • NFL predictions – Who’d have thought show prep was important?

One For The Road:

Deuce has faith in Tiger’s ability to bounce back.  For the second time in one show Dog isn’t prepared (what a shocker).

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