Episode 7 – BLUEprint For Disaster

October 9, 2010

A day late and a dollar short, story of my life.  Sorry for the delay.

Show Notes:

Randy Moss is gifted to the Vikings.  Can he help right the ship in Minnesota?

Max Hall gets the start for the Cardinals.  How successful will he be?

NFL week 5 picks

Things are bad in Provo.

  • Cougars get blown out in Logan
  • Jaime Hill gets canned
  • Does Bronco Mendenhall have the skills and mentality to turn the season around?

Utah’s program is looking good

  • The Utes move up to #10  during their bye week.  Are they a legit top 10 team?
  • Utah vs Iowa State preview

Carlos Boozer once again shows us why he is the softest athlete in the world

The NBA preseason started this week.

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