Episode 9 – Crass to the Titans

November 5, 2010

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Show Notes:

It is arguably the biggest football game to ever be played in the state of Utah.  #3 TCU comes in to Rice Eccles Stadium to face #5 Utah.  We give an in depth breakdown of the match-up and give our picks for the game.


NFL week 8 picks

Randy Moss gets kicked off the Vikings after only 2 weeks with the team.  The Titans pick him up on the waiver.  What does it mean for Tennessee?  What does it mean for Minnesota?

Donovan McNabb is being second guessed by the Redskins’ coaching staff.  Will he break character and fire back?

Troy Polamalu is critical of the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell

The Utah Jazz start slow but are starting to get it together.  Is this team as good as everyone hoped?

We discuss Deron Williams’ outburst toward Gordan Hayward.  Was it justified?  Does Hayward have and attitude problem?

  • Click here to listen to Hayward’s rap (if you can even call it that).

Al Jefferson can be an offensive beast, but the rest of his game and playing within a structured system has proved difficult so far this season.  What does he need to do to become the All-Star we know he can be?

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