Episode 12 – “Will Be ‘Till I Die, Ki-Yi!”

December 2, 2010

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Show Notes:

We recap Holy War 2010: BYU vs Utah

  • We break down the game in great detail
  • Jake Heaps was obviously the better quarterback…is he for real?
  • Dog explains why Terrance Cain – despite throwing 2 picks – wasn’t given a fair shot
  • The infamous “fumble”.  Did the officials make the right call?  BYU was on the winning end of a similar call against San Diego State…is this the universe working itself out?
  • We break down Brandon Burton’s game ending field goal block and tell you why it was much more than just a lucky play

TCU accepts and invitation to the Big East.  What does this mean for the Horned Frogs, the Mountain West, and Boise State?

The Lakers have lost 3 straight.  Is this a fluke, or is the gap narrowing?

The Jazz have won 6 straight and 11 of 12.  Can they keep up this high level of play?

NFL week 13 picks

Opening and closing song: “Salt Lake City” by The Dwarves.  Music for this episode provided by Mevio’s Music Alley.  Check it out at music.mevio.com

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