Dog and Deuce #19: Tempers Flare

March 29, 2011

This episode was the second half of a one hour recording session we did late last week.  You can hear the first part by listening to Episode 18

Show Notes:

This week we set our sights on NBA basketball.

The Chicago Bulls are ripping through the Eastern Conference.  Are they legit contenders?  Do they have what it takes to take down the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat?

Can the San Antonion Spurs keep dominating with Tim Duncan injured?

Things get heated when discussing the Utah Jazz.  How should the team approach the rest of the season?  Should they try to make a playoff run or would they be better off getting a better spot in the draft?  Tempers flare when Dog and Deuce disagree on the best strategy.

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Opening and closing song: “Salt Lake City” by The Dwarves.  Music for this episode provided by Mevio’s Music Alley.  Check it out at

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