Dog and Deuce #24 – Shaky Smithson Interview

July 11, 2011

THE Shaky Smithson

Ute fans are very familiar with Shaky Smithson.  Besides being arguably the best return man in Utah history, Shaky has a reputation for having a stellar work eithic, consistently positive attitude and integrity that is seldom seen in high profile athletes these days.  Shaky was kind enough to give us a few minutes of time this afternoon for his first (of hopefully many) appearance on Dog and Deuce.

Shaky let us in on what he’s been doing this summer and how he is training to potentially make the big leap into the NFL.  He also let us know why the lockout has helped his chances.  He then gave us some great insight into the Utah’s football program and how it will adjust to the PAC 12.  Can the Utes find someone who can fill the large shoes Shaky left behind?  Finally, Shaky updated us on what his younger brother Fish has been up to and how he is progressing on the football field.

In addition to the interview, Dog and Deuce provide a detailed preview of Utah’s outlook going into the PAC 12 and give some startling predictions of what the Utes may face in their new conference.

Show Notes:

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If you haven’t heard the inspiring story, you can read about Shaky’s relationship with his brother here


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