Dog and Deuce #25 – NBA Lockout with Gerald Narciso

July 27, 2011
The D & D Show would like to congratulate Shaky Smithson, the newest member of the Green Bay Packers!  It just goes to show that hard work and a positive attitude are a person’s greatest tools to achieving success.

Gerald Narciso has been covering the NBA for years.  His articles have graced the pages of ESPN The Magazine, the New York Times, Dime Magazine and the Salt Lake Tribune.  He has also contributed to websites such as,, and most recently (not to mention being the first guest to ever appear on Dog and Deuce). In this episode, Gerald returns to the show to help shed some light on the impending NBA lockout including what exactly needs to happen for the league to avoid cancelling games for the second time in 13 years.  Can the owners and players come to an agreement before the season starts?  How bad will the league be hurt if it must endure another lockout?

Show Notes:

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