Dog and Deuce #28 – College Football Roundtable (part 1)

August 20, 2011

This is our first episode on and we couldn’t be more excited to be here!  To kick off the move to our new home, we had a lengthy and in-depth round table discussion about the upcoming college football season with TBS writers Grant, Tom and Jimmie Chesh.  The 90 minute recording session has been divided into 3 parts and will published as separate episodes.

In part 1 the panel disects the Miami University scandal and  breaks down fall camp for the Utes, Cougars and Aggies.

Show Notes:

  • Grant is the owner and manager of  The idea for the site came about after Max Hall went on his infamous tirade about the University of Utah and its fans (so for that we thank you, Max!).  Check out Grant on Twitter: @GBagzTBS
  • Tom covers the Utes for TBS.  He recently experienced the most gnarly and gruesome finger injury I’ve ever heard of which limits his ability to type, but he still has thumbs to Tweet so follow him on Twitter: @UandthePac12
  • Jimmie Chesh covers the Cougars.  A man of many talents, he updated us on fall camps for both BYU and Utah State.  Follow Chesh on Twitter for all of his daily musings including the best rivalry smack you’ll ever hear: @CheshSports
  • The panel breaks down the debacle at Miami.  Should the program be given the death penalty?  Can the NCAA handle this appropriately and still save face or have they already lost all their credibility?
  • The panel also breaks down fall camp for all three schools.  How is the quarterback race shaping up for the Aggies?  How bad is Utah’s offense?  Can BYU’s receiving core live up to the high expectations?


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Opening and closing song: “Salt Lake City” by The Dwarves.  Music for this episode provided by Mevio’s Music Alley.  Check it out at

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