Dog and Deuce #30 – College Football Roundtable (part 3 of 3)

August 24, 2011
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This is the third and final part of our college football roundtable discussion with Grant, Tom and Jimmie Chesh.  In this episode the conversation shifts to the Utes.  What can they expect to face in the PAC-12?  Are they equipped to handle the challenge?  How bad is the offense?  How good is the defense?  Was moving Brian Blechen to linebacker the best move when the safeties are an admitted weakness?  Does Deuce just like to argue for the hell of it?

Click here to listen to our interview with Utah offensive line coach Tim Davis

If we have learned anything from the waves of scathing comments and emails we received following the release of part 2, its that if you say anything less than favorable about BYU it means you are clearly a Ute homer (there’s really no other possible explanation if you think about it rationally).  Well, considering part 3 finds Dog and Deuce being far more critical of the Utes than they have ever been towards the Cougars, I’m  not sure what exactly that makes us.  TCU homers maybe?  Fortunately the panel is far more optimistic about Utah’s debut season in the PAC-12 and the defense that is simply imposing its will on the offense.

Show Notes:

  • Offensive line coach Tim Davis discusses how he plans to handle the injury problems (to hear the interview click here or use the link above)
  • Jimmie Chesh recently wrote an extensive three part preview of BYU’s upcoming season.  Click here for part 1 (offense preview), here for part 2 (defense & special teams preview) and here for part 3 (opponents preview and predictions).  Follow Chesh on Twitter: @CheshSports
  • Unfortunately Tom recently experienced the worst finger injury in the history of mankind which has hindered his ability to write.  But he still dishes out great Ute insight every day on Twitter: @UandthePac12
  • Grant summed up the fears of Ute fans everywhere with a recent article about Utah’s biggest problem areas.  He also recently argued the importance of Holy War 2011


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