Dog and Deuce #32 – College Football Week #1 with Jimmie Chesh

September 1, 2011

The long wait is over.  College football’s opening week is finally upon us.  Here in Utah it means different things for each fan base.  BYU fans are hugely optimistic with a proven quarterback, solid offensive line and tall wide receiving core anxious to prove themselves against the Ole Miss Rebels.  Ute fans face an uncertain future going into their match up with the Montana State Bobcats.  Is there  a margin of victory large enough to put Utah fans’ fears to rest?  Meanwhile the Aggie faithful are looking at a young team with nothing to lose as they look to upset the defending national champion Auburn Tigers.

Yes, yes, yes.  Football is here.  For the next 4 months The Dog and Deuce Show will cover the ins and outs of this great sport and bring you experts of all sorts to make sure you get your fill.  We start the season off right in episode #32 when Jimmie Chesh joins us in-studio to break down the BYU’s match up against Ole’ Miss.  In his 4th appearance on D&D, Chesh explains the biggest challenges the Cougars will face and what we can expect to see from first year coordinator Brandon Doman.

Later in the show Dog and Deuce turn their attention to Utah’s opening game against Montana State and explain why this might not be a walk in the park for the Utes.  Also, what does Utah State need to do to beat Auburn and shock the world?

Show Notes:

  • Check out Jimmie Chesh on Twitter (@CheshSports)
  • As soon as the mics turned off, Chesh realized he forgot to mention Jameson Frazier as another reason Ziggy won’t start.  Just wanted to clarify.
  • What do you think about Austin Holt’s comment?  Was it disrespectful to guarantee that a tight end would score a touchdown against Ole’ Miss?  Send us an email (, leave a comment below or call our voicemail line at 801-47-SPORT (801-477-7678) to tell us what you think.
  • Read Daniel Sorenson’s controversial comments here
  • Deuce explained what he needs to see to be convinced Utah’s troubles are behind them, but what would make you confident going into next week’s USC game?


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