Dog and Deuce #35 – Holy War 2011: Shaky Smithson

September 16, 2011
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This is part 2 of our Holy War 2011 preview.  In this episode, former Ute great and current Green Bay Packer Shaky Smithson returns to Dog and Deuce and brings the rivalry smack!  This is what rivalry week is all about!  In addition to Shaky, Episode #35 features interviews with Ute and Cougar fans.  Also, D&D finally give their predictions for the big game.


Picks to Click

This week begins the first of our Picks to Click contests presented by Survival Straps.  To enter just pick the player you think will have the biggest impact on this weekend’s BYU/Utah game.  Then send an email to with ‘Picks to Click’ in the subject line and the name of the player you choose in the message body.  One Cougar fan and one Ute fan will win a Survival Strap with their favorite school’s colors.  Want to learn more about Survival Straps?  Check out for more information.  Feel free email any questions to or leave a comment below.


Show Notes:

  • We wish Shaky Smithson a fast recovery after his recent surgery.  Here’s to seeing you back to full strength soon, Shaky!
  • Follow Shaky on Twitter: @ShakySmithson
  • If you haven’t seen it yet, check out a recent Deseret News article featuring our very own Deuce.  Check it out here


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