Dog and Deuce #37 – Cort Dennison (Washington Huskies)

September 28, 2011

Cort Dennison played high school football at Judge Memorial in Salt Lake City and grew up a die hard Ute fan.  The Salt Lake Tribune crowned him the state’s athlete of the year after his senior season at Judge.  He seemed like a perfect fit for a Utah program that is known for its work ethic and high energy defense.  Yet the Utes showed minimal interest in Dennison and missed out on his amazing instincts and skills as a linebacker.  This is a decision they may regret this Saturday as Dennison’s Washington Huskies come into Rice Eccles Stadium to face a Utah team that is hosting its first ever PAC 12  home game as a member of the prestigious conference.

Is Dennison upset about not being recruited by the team he loved as a child?  Is this extra motivation to stick it to the Utes and show them what they missed out on?  How does he feel about returning home and playing in a stadium that is, literally, just up the street from where he competed every Friday in high school?  Cort Dennison joined Dog and Deuce to answer these and many more questions surrounding one of the biggest games ever played in Rice Eccles.  Our resident Ute insider Alex Lundberg also makes an appearance to preview the Utes and Huskies.

Dog and Deuce welcome back Tony Jones from the Salt Lake Tribune as he breaks down Utah State and BYU and relives the Aggies’ heartbreaking double OT loss to Colorado State.  Should Gary Anderson have gone for 2?  You asked for Tony, you got him!  And later Jimmie Chesh returns to the D&D Show to give the BYU perspective as the Cougars look to get revenge for the embarrassment they suffered last year at the hands of the Aggies.

Its the most college football insight you can get in one place!

Plus: NFL week 4 picks.

Show Notes:

  • Tony Jones covers the Utah State Aggies for the Salt Lake Tribune.  You can check out his work on Aggieville on the Tribune’s website.
  • Follow Tony on on Twitter: @TonyAggieville
  • For the Aggies, what is the key to beating BYU this week?  Tony Jones tells you here
  • Follow Jimmie Chesh on Twitter: @CheshSports
  • Check out Jimmie’s newest article on – Tailgating With UCF Fans: Meet Zack
  • You can read Alex’s latest in his series of articles covering the MUSS by clicking here
  • What does BYU have to do to get back on track?  Vote in the new D&D Show Poll 
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