D&D #42 – Is David Stern Racist?

November 4, 2011

During college football season episodes tend to run long, much longer than any respectable podcast should be.  There are simply too many topics to cover.  We know this can be annoying if you are only interested in hearing the BYU breakdown or the Aggie predictions.  To make things easier you can find the approximate time location for each topic and interview in this episode (i.e. at what minute and second they appear in the show) in the show notes section below.  Of course we hope you listen to the entire episode, but we also understand that’s probably not always realistic when shows run 90 minutes.

This week we’re talking about BYU’s disappointing loss to TCU and address the rumors that the Cougars may be invited to the Big East.  Tony Jones returns to preview Utah State’s game in Hawaii and talks a little NBA lockout.  What does he think about David Stern’s strong arm tactics?  Plus the Utes get their first PAC 12 win and now travel to Arizona to take on the struggling Wildcats.

Later in the show Derek Shell and Grant from TornBySports.com join us to break down REAL Salt Lake’s turbulent playoff series against the Seattle Sounders.  How do they think RSL will matchup against the New York Red Bulls or the Los Angeles Galaxy?

Plus: World Series baseball and NFL Week 9.

Show Notes:

  • Time break down for Dog and Deuce #42:
    • World Series – 6:04 (six minutes four seconds into the episode)
    • In depth BYU discussion – 9:48
      • Loss to TCU
      • Big East rumors
    • Utah State – 18:41
    • Tony Jones interview – 19:39
      • Hawaii preview
      • NBA lockout and “media training camp” – 26:20
    • Dog and Deuce’s Utah State/Hawaii predictions – 44:18
    • Utes -45:12
      • Oregon State breakdown
      • Arizona preview
    • REAL Salt Lake playoffs – 51:49
    • Derek Shell & Grant interview (RSL playoffs) – 52:25
    • NFL Week 9 – 74:35
  • Check out Bryant Gumble’s controversial comments about NBA commissioner David Stern:

  • Tony Jones covers the Utah State Aggies for the Salt Lake Tribune.  You can check out his work on Aggieville on the Tribune’s website.


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