D&D Interview – Matt Stevens (UCLA Football)

November 9, 2011

If BYU fans reach far enough into their memory banks they may remember the name Matt Stevens.  Stevens played quarterback for UCLA in the mid 80’s and led the Bruins to a 31-10 beat down of the Cougars in the 1986 Freedom Bowl.  Many college football fans will also remember how he capped off the 1985 season with a dominating win over Iowa in the Rose Bowl.  And who can forget the stunning Hail Mary pass to Karl Dorrell at the end of the first half against USC in 1986?  Trojan fans sure haven’t.

Now Stevens sits in the booth as the radio analyst for UCLA and gets the opportunity to see each and every play in person.  He arguably knows the program better than anyone outside of the coaching staff (and he may have a few of them beat).  He is a true Bruin through and though, yet in his first appearance on Dog and Deuce he showed objectivity rarely seen in sports broadcasters.  In this exclusive interview Stevens breaks down this weekend’s match up between UCLA and Utah.  How does he think the Ute defense will handle the pistol offense?  How secure is Rick Neuheisel’s job?  What does he and the rest of the PAC 12 think of Utah’s program?


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