D&D #56 – NFC/AFC Championships, Jazz Dismantle Nuggets & Clippers

January 19, 2012

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Show Notes:

  • Alex Smith stunned the New Orleans Saints with a last second touchdown pass that earned the San Francisco 49ers a trip to the NFC championship game.  Does this mean Smith has finally shaken off the label of “NFL bust”?
  • The New York Giants continue their amazing run by upsetting the seemingly invincible Green Bay Packers.  Can they get another road win in San Francisco and punch their ticket to the Superbowl?
  • The Baltimore Ravens got the job done against the Texans and are set to play in the AFC championship game this weekend.  Can their dominant defense make up for the sometimes lacking offense?
  • Tim Tebow’s season ended in embarrassment as the New England Patriots blew the Denver Broncos out of the water.  Tom Brady exposed the hyped Broncos defense but now faces a more skilled and physical defense in the Baltimore Ravens.
  • To find out more about Brian Tuohy, his theories and his book The Fix Is In, check out thefixisin.net.  Also, check out the interview we did with Brian back in March of 2011 (episode #17).
  • The Utah Jazz keep the surprises coming with an upset victory in Denver and a home court beat down of the Clippers.  When will this young squad come back down to earth?


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Opening and closing song: “Salt Lake City” by The Dwarves.  Music for this episode provided by Mevio’s Music Alley.  Check it out at music.mevio.com

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One comment on “D&D #56 – NFC/AFC Championships, Jazz Dismantle Nuggets & Clippers

  1. Grandma B Jan 28, 2012

    Always love listening to you guys! Not only entertaining…but I always manage to learn something new. Love you! Grandma B

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