D&D #62 – Is LeBron a Coward? Plus: Bounty Hunting, Peyton Manning and More

March 9, 2012

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For the Utah Jazz, this shortened season has been tumultuous at best.  This was summarized perfectly last week when Utah followed up a big win at home against the Heat with a blow out loss in Dallas.  What should fans expect out of a team that is so consistently up and down and is horrible on the road?  Can the Jazz actually make a push for a playoff spot?

Is LeBron James a coward?  He caught fire and (almost) single-handedly brought the Heat back from an 18 point deficit late in Friday’s matchup in Utah.  Yet when he had the ball – and an opportunity to win the game – in the closing seconds, he chose to pass it off to Udonis Haslem (who missed) instead of taking the shot himself.  Was it the right move?  Or was this another example of LeBron avoiding pressure situations?

Show Notes:

  • You can hear Gordon Hayward’s rap here
  • Should we be surprised the the allegations of “bounty hunting” by the New Orleans Saints.  How widespread is this in the NFL?
  • Peyton Manning was released by the Colts.  Was this a smart move by the Colts?  What are the teams he is most likely to play for?
  • Thanks once again to Matt Quinney from Academically Ineligible for his email feedback.  We plan on getting to the rest of his points in the coming weeks.
  • Is LeBron James a coward?  Should he have taken the game winning shot instead of passing it to Udonis Haslem?
  • The Jazz are on a road trip, what would be a good record during this span?


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