D&D #72 – NBA Playoffs Round 2, College FB Playoff System & BYU’s Independence

May 17, 2012

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This is a special extended episode of Dog and Deuce.  We were lucky to be joined in studio by Matt Quinney and Carl Behunin, the guys behind the local sports blog Academically Ineligible.  Matt and Carl brought their expertise and insight into Studio B as we covered the Jazz’s pitiful playoff showing, the second round match up between the Lakers and Thunder, and debated the potential of Carl’s proposed college football playoff system.  And since these guys are die hard BYU fans, we had to get their long overdue takes on independence…this topic just won’t die.

Show Notes:

  • Check out Academically Ineligible here
  • Follow Matt Quinney on Twitter: @Matt_Quinney
  • Follow Carl Behunin on Twitter: @CarlBehunin
  • Follow Academically Ineligible on Twitter: @AI_SportsBlog
  • Did the Jazz shoot themselves in the foot or are the Spurs just that much better?
  • Will the Spurs win the title?
  • Will Tyrone Corbin improve?  Is he the coach of the future?
  • The first round match up between the Lakers and Nuggets proved how important good coaching is.  Can the Lakers beat the Heat despite Mike Brown?
  • The college football landscape is changing.  Are super conferences inevitable?
  • What would a good playoff system look like?
  • BYU independence: it may seem like we have beat this to death but Matt and Carl bring a fresh perspective and new insight.


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