2012 NBA Finals – Dog and Deuce #75

June 14, 2012

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A lot happened during our week off, including the EPIC Eastern Conference Finals series between the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat.  So to start the show we recap that series and then dive into the 2012 NBA Finals.  Who’d of thought that the Oklahoma City Thunder would find themselves on the biggest of stages, pitted against the much hyped and hated Heat?

Show Notes:

  • Kevin Graham, owner and editor of SportsMashup.com has been named program director for the new 1320 KFAN.  Check out the official announcement here.
  • The Boston Celtics have put together quite a run in recent years.  Does their game 7 loss to the Miami Heat in the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals mean we have reached the end of an era?  Will Kevin Garnett play for the San Antonio Spurs?  What will happen with Ray Allen?  Will Paul Pierce retire?  One things is sure, Celtics fans are in for a tumultuous summer.
  • Would the Celtics have beaten the Heat if they still had Kendrick Perkins?
  • Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder did the unthinkable.  After being down 2-0 to the San Antonio Spurs in the 2012 Western Conference Finals, the Thunder won four straight games to send them to the NBA Finals.  Can they keep the streak going?
  • How have the Thunder been able to get this far with a roster of role players?
  • The Miami Heat are possibly the most hated NBA team of all time.  So why do they continue to make things worse for themselves on and off the court?
  • Who is the worse coach, Mike Brown or Erik Spoelstra?
  • Listener FeedbackMatt Quinney is the owner of the local sports blog Academically Ineligible.  Here is his full email:
To begin: Deuce claimed that any conference commissioner that would allow BYU the concession of no Sunday play would automatically hae BYU in his back pocket forever.  I disagree.First of all, I don’t think it would happen because BYU is too strong to become such a patsy for the sake of membership and inclusion.  If push came to shove on an issue that they felt strongly one way and it seemed to be against what the majority and/or the commissioner was pushing for I really don’t see BYU folding to a “Look what I did for you” threat.  There might be other schools out there (SDSU and TCU would come to mind) that would cave to that sort of bullying and just tuck and run, but not BYU.  If the school is so fervently willing to bypass the benefits and such that come with full membership in a conference because of no Sunday, they aren’t going to cave to peer pressure just because someone threw them a bone.
Secondly, and I think more relevantly, imagine a scenario where 12 schools were voting on a highly contentious piece of business and the vote was split 6-5 with BYU sitting, or even more boldly, one AD has abstained from voting so the vote sits at 5-5, hinging on BYU pushing the balance.  How does BYU get strong armed here?  The 5 schools voting against the measure that is trying to tell BYU to do what the majority wants won’t sit back and allow a member to pushed into a vote that negatively affects their side of the argument.  If it got down to a place where BYU could be strong armed with the “minority” not having a voice to say anything, I have to imagine at that point it wouldn’t matter which way BYU voted anyway.
Third, and this is much more down the road of speculation on my part than anything, BYU isn’t likely to have full membership to any conference that matters.  For one, the travel time would be cost-prohibitive for games against the Big East or Big 12 (especially if the Big 12 ends up poaching some of the ACC teams.)  Second, unless it didn’t have a choice, I think BYU would prefer to stay where they are with all their Olympic sports, namely in the WCC.  The partnership there is very good for BYU.  A situation where BYU became a football only member to the Big 12 would allow for some occasional partnering in basketball, baseball, softball, etc without requiring a whole scale change of no Sunday play.  And while James maintains there is a possibility that a major bowl game or NC game could be played on Sunday, I don’t ever see it happening and thus is a moot point with BYU joining a conference.
So my point here is that as a football only voter, I would see a conference only giving BYU rights to vote on matters as it affects football only.
At the end of all this, whatever happens, should BYU receive and accept a membership to a major football conference, my feeling falls squarely on my first point in that BYU won’t allow itself to be bullied and pushed around.


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