College Basketball Special! Plus: will the Utah Jazz leave town? & much more – Dog and Deuce #106

March 30, 2013

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Many thanks for Chris Hollifield from the I Am Salt Lake Podcast for having us on his show. You can find Chris’ show at Stay tuned for the episode with Dog and Deuce!

Show Notes:

College Basketball

Ep106 Album ArtShould former college players be paid for the use of their likeness?

Should there be some sort of a union to help protect former players and aid in negotiations?

Find out more about the Valpo players getting the shaft and watch the commercial in question here.


Kansas Jayhawks

Check out the website for There’s No Place Like Home.

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NCAA Tournament 2013

The Sweet 16 is underway. How is your bracket looking?

James is holding onto first place in our tournament pool.

Allen had a great start to the tournament but fell off after the first few Sweet 16 games.




Is coaching in the NBA sub-par?

Are players allowed to be unofficial coaches?

Were the coaches in previous eras better?


Utah Jazz

With last night’s road win against the Trailblazers the Jazz have once again taken control of the 8th spot. As a fan, would you rather have the Jazz enter the draft lottery or have to face San Antonio again in a first round series?

Do the Jazz deserve to be in the playoffs?

Are they in a lose-lose scenario?


Utah Jazz

Is it possible the Jazz are sold and leave town?

With Larry Miller gone, does the ownership still feel loyal to Salt Lake City?


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