Final Four, NBA playoff race, referee & coaching scandals, REAL Salt Lake vs cRapids preview & more! – Dog and Deuce #107

April 8, 2013

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We want to congratulate Chris Hollifield from the I Am Salt Lake Podcast for making City Weeklys “Best Of Utah” list for 2013. Chris’ podcast, I Am Salt Lake won for “Best New Podcast”. You can check out the show at You can hear the episode featuring Allen and James here.

Show Notes:


Playoff race: Utah Jazz & Los Angeles Lakers

Ep107 Album ArtAlthough the Jazz are ahead and hold the tiebreaker in the race for the 8th spot, can the league afford to not have the Lakers in the playoffs?

What can the Jazz do to sneak into the postseason?


College Basketball

Final Four

We break down the Final Four and make our prediction for the last team standing.

Has the Kevin Ware situation won over a crowd that would otherwise be pulling for the Cinderella-story of Wichita State?

Can Michigan stay hot enough to win it all?


Rutgers Scarlet Knights

The Mike Rice scandal has a lot of people upset. Should he have been fired months ago rather than suspended? Are people being too sensitive in this situation?

Are football and basketball coaches held to different standards when it comes to tough coaching?

What does this mean for the Rutgers basketball program moving forward?


2013 PAC-12 Tournament – Referee Scandal

Former NBA and current college referee Ed Rush is facing a lot of scrutiny for his “bounty” comments before the PAC 12 tournament. Perhaps not surprisingly, league commissioner Larry Scott is backing Rush. What does this mean for the integrity of the league? Of basketball? Of all organized sports?

Does this lend credibility to claims that college and professional basketball is not always on the level?

Does this scandal have any affect on the public’s perception of the NBA?


Major League Soccer (MLS)

Rocky Mountain Cup – Real Salt Lake / Colorado Rapids

Although we at The Dog and Deuce Show pride ourselves on our objectivity, sometimes things happen in the sports world that force out our inner fan. The Rapids – more appropriately named the cRapids – recently released a video (that was obviously thrown together by a very untalented intern) on their website that did just that. Fortunately, and not surprisingly, Real Salt Lake’s response was much more entertaining and original.


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