Keith Van Horn interview! Plus LeBron heads back to Cleveland, Gordon Hayward signs a max deal and Dante Exum is on fire – Dog and Deuce #118

July 21, 2014

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Show Notes:

Keith Van Horn

Ep118-Album-ArtWe were very fortunate to speak with Utah basketball legend and former NBA star Keith Van Horn. We spoke about playing for Rick Majerus, the differences between the college and pro games and NBA super teams.

To find out about Keith’s charitable efforts visit his website here.



Cleveland Cavaliers / Miami Heat

In one day LeBron James may have totally changed public opinion about him by announcing he is going to return to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers. We react to this news and speculate on what the future will hold for James, the Cavs and the Miami Heat.


Utah Jazz

Dennis Lindsey shocked Jazz fans by matching an offer sheet Gordon Hayward signed with the Charlotte Hornets. The deal gives Hayward  $63 million over 4 years and effectively marks him as the Utah’s number one guy. Was this the right move? Despite inconsistent shooting does Hayward have enough potential to justify this kind of contract? What does this mean for the Jazz as they try to secure up the rest of the young talent they have acquired?

In the Las Vegas summer league, Dante Exum has shined. How much stock should be put in his performance? Can he create his own offense or will he rely on great point guard play?



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