Is TV ruining college sports? Plus Rimando on brink of history, Tiger to play in Championship and much more! – Dog and Deuce #120

August 9, 2014

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Show Notes:

Listener Feedback

Yet again, we get called out on YouTube. Does TheMemph10 have a point?

Real Salt Lake

Nick Rimando

Ep120 Album ArtReal Salt Lake’s Nick Rimando recently tied the record for the most MLS career shut outs. Can he break the record in the upcoming match against DC United?

Kyle Beckerman

Captain Kyle Beckerman was forced to sit out of the MLS All-Star game because of injuries to his feet. When head coach Jeff Cassar was asked about it, he called Beckerman’s feet “Nasty”. What does this mean for the rest of the season? Is this a cause for concern?


College Football

Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder recently made some comments about the state of college football. He implied that television and corporate interests have damaged the spirit of the game. Is he right? Why do other big name coaches not come forward with similar complaints? Is there anything we can do to change this trend?


PGA Tour

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is coming back from yet another injury. Should he play in the PGA Championship? Can he ever catch Jack Nicklaus if he keeps coming back too early from injuries?

PGA Championship

We break down the field and make our picks to win the PGA Championship. Can Rory McIlroy make it three majors in a row?


Scott Michell

Former Ute and Detroit Lion Scott Mitchell has gained a lot of weight over the years. In an attempt to get healthier he will join the new cast of The Biggest Loser. Is this the best way to go about dropping the weight?



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