Deron Williams is better than Derrick Favors? – Dog and Deuce #173

February 24, 2016

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Show Notes:


Utah Jazz

Dog and Deuce #173

Dog and Deuce #173

It turns out that the longest segment of last week’s show was a total waste of time. Dennis Lindsey proved that he knows what he’s doing and instead of potentially blowing up the roster by trading for Ty Lawson he opted to give up almost nothing to get Shelvin Mack. Although Mack’s debut with the Jazz was spoiled by a close loss in Portland, he had a season high in minutes, points and assists. He came up big again in an overtime win against the Rockets. Have we found a new starting point guard?

The win over Houston put Utah back in the eighth spot in the West. Can they continue to surge or will the chronic turnovers push them into a lottery pick?

Recently some local sports radio personalities made the claim that both the Brooklyn Nets and Utah Jazz were losers in the 2011 Deron Williams / Derrick Favors trade. Does this argument have any merit? If that weren’t enough these personalities went on to imply that Deron Williams did the Jazz a favor by chasing off Jerry Sloan. WHAT?!?!?!


College Football

BYU Cougars – Taysom Hill / Tanner Mangum

Unfortunately last week’s debate about Taysom Hill returning to BYU carried over to this week. If you want to hear the original debate you can listen to episode #172 here or watch the segment on our YouTube page by clicking here.


BYU Cougars – Bronco Mendenhall / Independence

Bronco Mendenhall finally spoke candidly about his departure from BYU. Part of the reason for leaving is his belief that being an independent isn’t “sustainable”. Unfortunately this forces us to – once again – discuss why we believe independence is a giant mistake and why BYU should do everything possible to get into a conference…any conference.


College Basketball

Holy War / University of Utah audit

The Utah legislature has announced that is plans to audit the University of Utah athletics department and the timing is highly suspect. Do the members of the legislature have an axe to grind because Utah cancelled the basketball series against BYU?


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