Are the Warriors bad for the NBA? – Dog and Deuce #220

June 15, 2017

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Show Notes:


2017 NBA Finals

The 2017 NBA Finals, needless to say, fell well short of the hype. Golden State made quick work of Cleveland which led to immediate criticism of both Kevin Durant and LeBron James. Was Durant really taking the easy way out? Is there an asterisk by this championship? Are the Warriors (and the superteam phenomenon) bad for the league? What does this loss do for LeBron’s legacy?



PGA Tour

2017 U.S. Open

As of the time of our recording Phil Mickelson still hadn’t withdrawn from the U.S. Open despite his claim that he wouldn’t play. Does Mickelson owe it to first alternate Roberto Diaz to make his decision official? Or is it smart for him to keep his options open?



Boxing / UFC

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor

It was announcement came down this week that Mayweather vs McGregor will officially happen! The much anticipated match will go down on August 24. Will it be worth ordering on pay-per-view? Does Conor McGregor stand a chance against an aging yet technical Floyd Mayweather?


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