The Dog and Deuce Show is a combination sports-talk television show and podcast. It is based out of Salt Lake City and is Utah’s longest running sports podcast. The show covers all major professional and collegiate sports with a strong focus on the sports scene in Utah. Dog and Deuce is hosted and produced by two long time friends and lifetime sports addicts Allen Martindale – a.k.a. Dog – and James Dyer – a.k.a. Deuce.

The show published its first episode in July of 2010.  The production and recording of the early episodes could not have been more basic, with the duo huddling around a single small – and admittedly cheap – desktop microphone in Dog’s family room. Since then the show has grown and evolved exponentially with the aid of better equipment and a full in-home studio.   While the early days featured the hosts simply discussing and debating issues in the sports world, Dog and Deuce now incorporates interviews with players, coaches and media. Some notable past guests include Adam Carolla, Jimmer Fredette, Andrew Bogut, Ricky Williams, Eric Weddle, David Locke, Steve Klauke and dozens more.

Although the format and equipment have evolved over the years, Dog and Deuce still bring strong opinions and unbridled passion to each episode.  They cover the sports and teams they love and, because they are not directly affiliated with any teams, they have total freedom to give their honest opinions.

Filmed and recorded at a fully operational in-home studio dubbed Studio B, the program is produced under the banners DYEMAR Productions LLC and Studio B Productions LLC. Each episode runs 58 minutes 30 seconds.

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