After getting beat down by the Warriors in the first two games the Cavaliers bounce back big in game 3. But does that change anything? How long will Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson continue to miss shots? Plus we look back at Muhammad Ali’s legacy.

The NBA Finals could offer an epic rematch. Are the Warriors fatigued? Do the Cavaliers have enough star power? Plus Utah & BYU renew the basketball rivalry but after the uproar the cancellation caused, why doesn’t anyone care? Finally we talk Penguins vs. Sharks in the Stanley Cup Final.

Golden State is on the brink of elimination. Why have the Thunder been able to dominate? Plus the Cavs are having trouble against Toronto but is LeBron on the brink of returning to the finals? Finally former Aggie great Chuckie Keeton joins the Gary Anderson’s coaching staff at Oregon State.

The Thunder are giving the Warriors more trouble than expected in the Western Conference Finals. Did Golden State take them lightly in game 1? Plus LeBron is ripping through the east, but is his ego out of control? Finally the Jazz get the 12th pick in the draft & Jeff Hornacek is going to New York.

As the Warriors move on to the Western Conference Finals, Stephen Curry was voted the NBA’s first unanimous MVP. But Tracy McGrady claims the league is watered down. Does he have a point? Plus Dwight Howard opens up and we talk about the remaining series.