Playoff basketball is back! The Jazz and Clippers are all tied up as the series comes to Salt Lake City. What can Utah do to make up for the injured Rudy Gobert? Plus we break down each playoff series and talk about Aaron Hernandez’s suicide.

The Jazz continue to fight off the Clippers for the 4th seed but would homecourt advantage actually be a hindrance? Plus the Final Four is here and the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles let the fans decide if they should sign Greg Hardy.

March Madness is finally here! We run through our brackets and pick the Final Four and national champions. Plus we debate whether Gordon Hayward or Rudy Gobert is the MVP for the surging Utah Jazz.

Once again the Utah Jazz bounce back with a four game win streak. They capped it off with a road win against Houston but the schedule doesn’t get any easier going forward. Plus what is wrong with BYU basketball? Finally, we preview the Pac-12 and Mountain West conference tournaments.

The Jazz are back to their streaky ways. What does not extending George Hill and Derrick Favors mean going forward? Plus Deron Williams & Andrew Bogut head to Cleveland, the Warriors lose Kevin Durant and Travis Wilson is a tight end. Finally, was the Oscars debacle and orchestrated event?