As the Warriors move on to the Western Conference Finals, Stephen Curry was voted the NBA’s first unanimous MVP. But Tracy McGrady claims the league is watered down. Does he have a point? Plus Dwight Howard opens up and we talk about the remaining series.

We break down every series in the NBA’s conference semifinals. Can the Thunder actually beat the Spurs in a 7-game series? Why is no one talking about the Chris Bosh story? Later we talk about the intense NHL playoffs and Real Salt Lake’s comeback victory. Is Nick Rimando the best of all time?

Our Real Salt Lake correspondent Jason Wiscovitch is back to tell us what went wrong against the Galaxy, predict whether RSL can bounce back and explain what we can expect for the rest of the season. Plus we continue our coverage of the NBA playoffs and try to understand why ESPN is facing another mass exodus of on-air talent.

The NBA playoffs are underway, Real Salt Lake is undefeated and the NHL playoffs are heating up. Plus James talks about his beloved Cubs and we read your emails.

The Utah Jazz’s season ended in disappointment after being eliminated from playoff contention. What went wrong? Are fans taking it too hard? Plus Kobe Bryant dropped 60 points in his farewell game, the Warriors made history and we look back on our favorite Jerry Sloan moments.