Ron McBride retired, Joe Frazier died, REAL Salt Lake lost to the Galaxy and Jerry Sandusky was exposed as a sick pervert. Not the greatest week in sports. So pull up a chair and commiserate with Dog and Deuce as they give you their surprising takes on all this and more

This special edition of Dog and Deuce features an exclusive interview with Matt Stevens, radio analyst for the UCLA Bruins. What does Matt think of Utah’s football program and the Utes’ ability to compete in the PAC 12?

This week’s game preview episode of Dog and Deuce features a preview of Utah vs UCLA, a recap of the Utes’ victory at Arizona and predictions for BYU vs Idaho. Also, Tony Jones stops by to talk Aggies and the NBA lockout. Watch for Episode #44 tomorrow

Utah gets its first PAC 12 win, BYU loses to TCU, Aggies head to Hawaii. If that weren’t enough we have to talk NBA with Tony Jones, RSL playoff run with Derek Shell & Grant, the World Series, and NFL Week 9. Yikes. Check out the show notes to find the minute/seconds location of each topic

Christian Cox joined Dog and Deuce to discuss the Utes, Patriots and how to deal with a season ending injury. Also, Jimmie Chesh is back to break down BYU / TCU, there is bad blood in the Aggie locker room, and NFL week 8 picks