Last week’s show about Gordon Hayward got a giant reaction from Jazz and Celtics fans alike. We read your comments and try to figure out why fans in Utah get such a bad rap.

Gordon Hayward will sign with the Boston Celtics. We react to the news, try to work through our anger and discuss his patronizing and disingenuous blog post. Plus we’ll try to figure out what this means for the future of the Utah Jazz.

The NBA offseason is less than a month old but we’ve already had some blockbuster trades go down. How will both of these affect the Jazz’s chance to re-sign Gordon Hayward? Plus we discuss Phil Jackson’s firing from the New York Knicks.

Golden State made quick work of Cleveland in the Finals. Are the Warriors bad for the NBA? Plus: how devastating would it be for Jazz fans if Hayward leaves? Did Kevin Durant hate playing with Westbrook? Should Phil Mickelson withdraw from U.S. Open? Will we pay to watch Mayweather vs. McGregor?

After a long break the 2017 NBA Finals are finally here. We preview the series and debate which team will hoist the Larry O’Brien Trophy. How important is the revenge factor for the Warriors? Does being labeled underdogs give the Cavs more motivation?