The NBA playoffs are underway, Real Salt Lake is undefeated and the NHL playoffs are heating up. Plus James talks about his beloved Cubs and we read your emails.

The Utah Jazz’s season ended in disappointment after being eliminated from playoff contention. What went wrong? Are fans taking it too hard? Plus Kobe Bryant dropped 60 points in his farewell game, the Warriors made history and we look back on our favorite Jerry Sloan moments.

Last week’s debate about Taysom Hill carries over to this episode and the Utah Jazz get a HUGE win against the Houston Rockets. Plus did the Jazz lose in the Deron Williams/Derrick Favors trade? Finally we vent about the Utah legislature’s suspicious audit of the University of Utah.

The Utah Jazz have been involved in a big trade rumor. Will it improve the team or halt their progress? Plus Taysom Hill announced he is returning to BYU but could this be a disaster for the Cougars? Finally we recap the epic 2016 slam dunk contest and Peyton Manning’s recent troubles.

The Utah Jazz are surging and the key to it all has been Derrick Favors – so Deuce goats just a bit. Plus college basketball is underway, all three local college football teams lose and we preview NFL week 11.